Patience & Internet Marketing


This week I was reminded of some practical wisdom from Jeff Walker, who once said about building his email list:

“Sometimes you get 500 people sign up in a day, and the very next day only 2, and then the next day it goes up to 4, and then the next day 175… it varies… and so you need to learn to keep your head when the sign-up drops…”

And the reason why I was reminded of Jeff Walker’s comment… Wednesday I had a 400 person engagement on our new website (410 to be exact)… the next day it was down to 93… next day down to 26.

And your immediate reaction when the numbers fall off a cliff is to go… “What’s wrong? What’s gone wrong?

But there may be nothing wrong… it may be one of those temporary blips… (and yes, the numbers have started to build up again)… and so patience at these times can be a definite advantage…

… Not saying patience always takes away the worry and anxiety (after all, you can be talking about your main revenue stream… and your kids do have to eat)…

Also I was once told… “In business, wait until you see a consistent pattern… and then you can panic and do something about it.”

But to totally re-write your website… and re-design your marketing strategy… on the basis of a 3 day dip in sales… may not be a sensible thing to do.

So to para-phrase Rudyard Kipling… “If you can keep your head, while everyone else is losing theirs… you’ll be a true internet marketer, my son.”

(c) Brian Parsons, September 2016.


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