Finding Your True Worth in $£$£


This is an interesting exercise / approach for people to consider, especially for people who have problems earning enough money, through their therapy / coaching / counselling practice, to meet their needs.

A lady I know, a respected professional in her field, was having the exact same problem… she was offering amazing support to her clients, but found it difficult to charge a rate which allowed her to keep her head above water.

Until one day, she sat down, with a pad of paper, and worked out all the money she had spent on her own personal development over the last 30 years, attending training’s and courses and seminars… and she also included travel costs, accommodation, estimates for food etc… and then totaled it all up, to find…

The figure she saw in front of her was over £400,000… or $600,000.

And after that exercise, she immediately put up her prices.

OK, she used to fly out to the U.S. and stay for some courses, so that pushed up the total somewhat… but hopefully you get the point I making here.

Because what this exercise had done was it not only reminded her of what she was worth… it had also allowed her to put a price / cost value on that worth. And when you have a strong feeling for your worth… internal and external… then it is much easier to charge what you are indeed worth.

One of the problems which therapists, coaches and counselors have is that we tend to perceive our self-worth in terms of an inner, positive feeling about ourselves… a healthy emotional state… which is all necessary and good.

But we then forget to project that state outwards, and ask the simple question… “How much money do I need to be earning for that inner self worth to be reflected in my outer world?”

When accountants value a company, on the accounts they always include what has been invested into a company over the years, especially if that company is to be sold, and an overall value needs to be calculated.

And the same process is at work here… what have you invested in yourself, in terms of time, money, courses, training… which should be included on your overall net worth?

Once you know that, charging what you feel you are worth becomes a lot easier… because, in a sense, you have become stronger and clearer inside.

So if you are having problems earning what you are worth… why not repeat the very same exercise.

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