Visibility Matters


Turning off your internal visibility meter in a world full of psychic noise.

Have you ever found that no matter how hard you try, you get overlooked by other people? It’s like you have an invisibility switch, and at some point you have subconsciously set it to “hide”.

If this is the case, then no matter how hard you try to express yourself or be heard, other people just simply will not pay attention to you! This can be extremely frustrating.

Have you ever wondered why some people spend years building and growing their business, whilst others can build a profitable company in a fraction of the time? Why is this? What is the difference?

Why are some people automatically successful and others are just not up for it, or struggle to succeed no matter how hard they try?

Granted there has been a lot of talk in the healing circles about fear of failure… and even fear of success… as being great determinants in our quest for happiness. But what is not often talked about is how often we are subconsciously hiding from the very people and situations that would otherwise allow us an easy path to success.

There is this feeling that if we expose who we truly are to the world, then nobody will pay us. It’s the feeling that we are not that valuable on our own, that we have to do something extra to earn money so that we can survive.

We have to go to work, or create a marketing campaign, or present ourselves in a professional and effective manner… often over-compensating for a feeling of being inadequate inside… in other words learn how to be someone that we are not.

And that person that we really want to be… that person who is actually the authentic expression of our soul… stays hidden in the corner.

And sometimes it goes to the extreme where we actively try to hide this from other people. We are so worried that we cannot be ourselves, or that we are not good enough in our personal selves, that when we go out on this mission to earn money, or meet other people, or save the world, or find a supportive relationship / partner, we believe we have to create an entirely different personality.

And meanwhile, it becomes very difficult for this ‘at home persona’ to express its potential, because let’s face it, there is only so much cleaning and cooking that you can do.

In the stereo typical modern day lifestyle, there is a solution… to find a perfect partner, and have a family, and settle down, so to speak. But is this really the thing that will allow our authentic expression to come out?

What about the huge number of divorces in modern day families?

Are we actually aiming for happiness, or are we just dodging our true path of purpose?

This morning I woke up and there was a centipede in my tent. It was one of those potentially poisonous critters that you don’t want to leave in your bedroom. So, I had no choice but to get it outside.

The only thing was, all he wanted to do was hide.

He spent 20 minutes running away and finding any corner that he could, to get away from the scary situation that he was facing.

I wasn’t planning on hurting him – but he didn’t know that. It seems that centipedes have an inbuilt need to scurry away and hide in corners and under things.

My frustration was that I couldn’t get at him. I couldn’t achieve the type of interaction that I wanted – which was to get him outside – because he was too busy trying to hide.

And I believe that this is what so many intuitives, highly sensitives and even hopeful entrepreneurs unknowingly do… (and if you happen to be all three… well!)

If there is any belief in the subconscious mind centred on the fear of being seen, on any level, then in some way we are not showing the world who we really are.

Our truest value and gifts only come when we are able to stand in full view, and be seen for who we are. Nothing more, nothing less.

There needs to be no justification, apart from “I am here”. Because, you are enough. And anybody who tells you any differently probably has issues with their own fears of being seen.

In my opinion, business is such a misunderstood concept. I would define business as a vehicle for self expression, and a way to bring our personal gifts forward to benefit others. In this way we create value in the community, and in turn we are able to build profits where before there were none.

However so much of business in the modern sense has become about “attracting clients” and “magnetising people”, that the marketing message of most businesses these days becomes more about influencing people to buy their stuff, rather than being an open platform of sharing value in a sustainable way… and genuinely helping people.

Thus, business has got a bit of a bad rap because it is automatically associated with sales tactics and emotional influencing. There is no inherent trust involved.

Often big businesses spend a lot of money on making their marketing message appear better than what their product actually offers, and this creates a lot of psychic noise on the business ‘channel’.

So when we are playing with the idea of becoming visible, we are also automatically being exposed to the collective consciousness of the business channel – and thus protecting ourselves from being seen in a sleazy way, or being mis-judged for our intentions. And it is so easy to be tricked into doing marketing in the wrong way, or hiding in the corner because we look less professional than that multi-million dollar marketing corporation.

But here’s the thing – by being visible and showing who we are, we automatically raise trust and therefore become more valuable than any marketing campaign. Because we are for real.

So as we become visible, it is also increasingly apparent that we need to develop our own truth, our own way of doing things that has nothing to do with business in a general sense.

  • We need to find our own way of relating to people and customers that feels good.
  • We need to find our own way of offering our services and gifts that is exciting and worthwhile.
  • We need to be OK with being vulnerable and being seen for exactly who we are.
  • We need to ditch the old visual of ‘business’ as being a hyper-professional thing, and bring it back to our own authentic interpretation based on our own interactions.

There are not many business coaches who would encourage you to do things your way… and many management consultants are all about finding fault so they can sell their package to fix things for a hefty fee. But I encourage you to look out for one of the genuine coaches out there, and be very wary of people who tell you to do things a certain way, or follow a recipe.

Ultimately on the inside, through all of our faults and failures, we are still human beings, and we all share that quality, so as long as our business is about joining in and being human, do we really have anything to hide?

And do we want to do business on the same level as those who falsify their marketing message to make more sales, who’s only agenda is to profit even if it as the expense of people or the planet?

I think it is important to focus first on the internal foundations and beliefs, and the external will adjust to fit. If you raise your self worth to be enough and be seen on the inside then the very way that you interact with people will change for the better.

This is what I am finding as I undergo the challenges of being seen for my work.

(c) Laing Stokes, March 2016 https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/