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This second Avatar was drawn up for someone whose niche was dog lovers / owners, and whose product was an illuminated dog harness like the one via the following link:

Dog Harness

Now an initial conversation I had with the person I was helping went something like this:

Q: Before working this one up, I want to ask a question… the dogs… large or small? It does¬†actually make a bit of a difference… A woman in her 80s doesn’t go in for keeping Great Danes…

A: Well the product says it will fit more or less any dog. But if I had to choose I’d go for the medium sized Labrador type.

Q: So that means we will go down the family pet, people up to age of 65 say, route… because those type of dogs will need regular exercise… and people tend to down-size their dogs as they get older and become less active themselves… sound OK?

Note: Since then, I have learnt that some old ladies do indeed keep large dogs… and so the Avatar below would not have applied to those old ladies… hence do not assume. For those old ladies, who keep large dogs, we’d need to come up with a different Avatar entirely.


Possible Avatar for Illuminated Dog Harness:

Now, the breed of dog is interesting, because it will give us many clues to help draw up an Avatar for the owner / Customer…

Labrador = Traditional family dog… so we have man + woman, either 20 / 30s (i..e they grew up with a dog, and want their young kids to do same), or 40s / 50s (i.e. their kids have grown and flown, but they are used to having dog around the house, and this maybe their second or third pet)…

They are middle income… have house… garden… they take the dog(s) for a walk… which means they are reasonably fit, health conscious… do they hate putting the dog into kennels, which means the dog goes with them on summer vacation (maybe on vacation to a National park)… and maybe a lot of their weekend time includes taking the dog with them…

They have taken out private vet insurance for the dog, and belong to a number of Facebook groups maybe on that particular breed of dog… they thought about breeding, but decided against it… they will always buy from a recognized breeder… AND THIS IS IMPORTANT… for some people, a dog is a surrogate child, for others, a way of holding back the loneliness…

But here, their Labrador / dog is seen as another member of the family, and treated as such (and is allowed to bound around the house)… and so the family will care / spend money on the dog as if it is one of their own… because it’s welfare is important to them… so the sub-text of your website needs to be “We know you care, and we care too“… so they feel that they have come to the right place.

And the fact that the dog harness is illuminated should appeal to owners who want to provide extra visibility and protection to their beloved pet… i.e. it is a visible expression that they care… which is the essence of this product… it’s not just a dog harness (which allows the owner to hold on to / control the dog)… it is also a dog harness which protects the dog while in the dog… and so is a sign that the owner cares.



I don’t mean just watch them… I mean really watch them… and try to decipher them.

For example, next time an advert for Dog or Cat found comes on the T.V., try to pay attention… what kind of people is aimed at? And what does the advert say about the people it is aimed at… and there will be subtle clues… there always are.

Because the Manufacturer and their Advertising Agency will have spent lots of time, identifying the Avatar for that product… who it appeals to… how they think etc… and the whole commercial advertising campaign will be based around

So whenever you see an advert for a niche you also pitch to… or want to pitch to… try and not just watch it… but also pay attention, and see if you can also decipher it for clues about the niche and the Avatar they used.

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