The 12 Archetypal Mindsets & Languages


Yesterday, I was driving across the Brecon Beacons in Wales, UK,  on my way to visit friends… and I was thinking about something which an online marketing guy I respect, Danny Iny of Mirasee, had said in a recent webinar…

That sometimes the market research can only take you so far… that people don’t always offer up their inner-most desires and thoughts… and so sometimes you have to make an educated guess about their motivations…

And my reaction was… Yes, I agree… and No, I don’t… there are ways to get an understanding of the deeper, archetypal motivations…

I mean the 12 Archetypal Mindsets, if used correctly, can help a marketing expert gain a deep insight into how different people think… and what they are looking for on a very deep level… and I know they work because…

And then I suddenly remembered:

Oh… wait… I have never written, or published anything about the 12 Archetypal Mindsets & their respective languages… it’s something I discovered… have used… benefited from… and never shared.

So I am now correcting that fact, that omission… and in this post I am writing about each of  the12 Archetypal Mindsets, their languages… and how you might market, sell, or pitch to them… for the first time.

And before we get into all that stuff… here is an interesting observation.

About 6 years ago, during the last (and hopefully final) time that I was directly employed by someone else… the I.T. Managers all had to attend this 1 day training course based on and around this new and revolutionary personality evaluation test.

After you had completed this personality test, you were shown which of 4 primary colours – Blue, Red, Green or Yellow – your personality was most aligned to, which in turn identified your personal strengths / weaknesses… and hopefully, knowing all that, you could become a better person… no, sorry… become a better and more effective manager (remember, a company was paying, and so they wanted to see a return on their investment).

And for those who are thinking the question… I was Green… I was very, very Green.

Now, on this training course… someone asked the simple question… Where did this approach come from? … and the Course Presenter replied… I am glad you asked that, it comes from the work of C.J. Jung.

And I know it was wrong, but I had to laugh… outloud… an embarrassing moment, I know… but I couldn’t help it.

You see, I could suddenly see behind their curtain… I knew exactly were C.J. Jung had got his ideas from… from the Western Mystery Tradition… but there was no way the Course Presenter was ever going to tell that to this room full of Managers and Business men.

These Management Consultants were pitching a course which was based on the Western Mystery Tradition… Alchemy, Tarot, the 4 Elements, Astrology…

That is what I found so funny…

But having said that… now it comes to be my turn… when someone asks me the question… Where did this approach come from?

Well, I am glad that you asked me that question… It comes from Astrology mixed with Chinese Energy Medicine, several different Kinesiology traditions, all sprinkled with the work and insights of the psychologists C.J. Jung and Viktor Frankl… and the mythologist Joseph Campbell.

Oh dear… the big corporate types have suddenly stood up and are walking to the door…

But who cares… they were never part of my tribe… and my personal mission isn’t to pitch to them anyway.

Twenty years ago, I would have been squirming to say all that above, to tell you were my ideas come from… but now… past 51 years old… I really don’t care anymore… life is just too short… and growing old does have its benefits.

So if you want, read the information below, use it if you want, apply it, see if it tracks and if successful for your work and business… then great.

But if you are not interested… that’s fine too. Even if you want to stop reading now, because it all sounds to weird and wonderful…

Whatever you choose.

So having said that… and if you are still here… please read on… let me introduce you to the 12 Archetypal Mindsets and you can best speak, pitch and sell to them.


Aries Gold 200p

Type 1

Type 1: Spirit into Fire

The new born baby… the rebellious individual… Aphrodite arising new born from the waves off the coast of Cyprus in the Mediterranean… all images which resonate with the 1st Individual Type.

Because in many ways, this Type approaches the world around them as if they were a new born baby… in both a positive and a negative sense.

And what does a new born baby do… apart from eating, sleeping, occasionally crying, and pooping?

Well… it starts to explore the world around it… and it starts to test the world it… it starts to test itself against the limitations of the world around it.

Every small child is a mini-adventurer, pitting itself against the world into which it has been born… challenging itself to crawl further… stand taller… smile brighter… finding out what it can and cannot do.

And through this active growth process, of trial and error, of testing itself against the external world… the child comes to define itself, define its unique personality… and this is true for all the Types, for every human individual who has ever lived.

But with a Type 1, that process doesn’t end at childhood… that process continues on into adult life. They are continually on the look-out for new challenges through which to test and define themselves.

In fact, in a strange way, they need the constant challenges, the adrenaline rush, the constant doing… as a way to convince themselves that they are still alive, that they still exist. Whereas the other personality Types, define their basic personality during childhood, and then leave it at that for the rest of their life… a Type 1 continues to test themselves throughout their entire life… If I put myself in this challenging situation, in this difficult environment, what will happen, how will I perform, what will I do?

This is not an individual Type who wants to live their life, sitting at home, on the sofa, watching TV. No, this Type would be too bored, they would literally be bored to death… they want action and motion… they want to be in the Documentary Channel series, with themselves as the star performer… and the odd thing is… they wouldn’t care if no one else ever watched the programme after it was complete, because for them the fun was in the making, in going on the adventure. They really don’t care what others think… and for this reason, they can come across as quite self-centred… even selfish… because it is all about them and their own personal adventure.

For them, life is about action and active participation, and this defines their relationship to the world around them… which is seen as an adventure playground. Even other people can be seen as a resource to help them to be successful on their adventure, their solo quest (which really winds up many of the other Types, who hate being seen as little more then a resource for someone else’s selfish adventure).

For the majority of the Individual Types, if they see a far off mountain, that has never before been climbed in the whole history of the world, they will think to themselves… What a beautiful mountain.

A Type 10 will think… If I climb that mountain, then I will be famous… and it will help to further my career.

But a Type 1 will think… If I climb and conquer that mountain, then I will prove to myself… once again… that I am Number 1, still successful… that I have still got what it takes.

In a sense, a Type 1 isn’t concerned with what others think or want, it’s not about them seeking adulation or emotional payback… what they do is always for themselves… whenever they conquer a mountain, whenever they go out on a limb… they are doing it for themselves… social prestige means very little to them (in fact, having to worry about other people, that would be seen as a hindrance, something holding them back from achieving all they might be).

OK, they make a survival documentary or three… but they are always itching to get back into the jungle, to test and prove themselves in a new environment over again.

The positive emotion which this Type is searching for is Assuredness (ie. a state of mind in which one is free from doubt)… and the negative emotions which they are trying to banish and kill-off is Doubt and Fear.

Which sounds kind of odd, until you remember the mantra of this Type from Susan Jeffer’s famous book title Feel the fear… and do it anyway!

Whenever they climb and conquer that far-off mountain, they re-instate and re-confirm their Assuredness… and they kill-off Fear once again… because they did it anyway.

So… how do you market and pitch to this Individual Type?

Basically, you show them that what you are offering – the product, service, course – will help to enhance their individuality in some way… that on their way to climb and conquer their new mountain, what you are offering will help them get to the top, help them be successful on their solo-mission.

Also, this Type isn’t too interested in social proof, they are not really interested in what other people think or feel… but they are interested if they believe what you are offering will help them on their next adventure… a water-proof jacket, a sturdy pair of hiking boots, an up-to-date map of the terrain.

But the thing you must always remember about Type 1… they are totally self-focused… and it is always about them… they are the only Hero in their story… and so that is actually how you want them to feel.


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Type 2

Type 2: Physical Beauty

Now, in many ways, this Individual Type is one of the easiest to sell to…

They like stuffphysical stuff

And they like stuff that gives them a physical experience… (so don’t bother to much with the emotional or mental stuff… doesn’t turn them on… although you do need words to paint your pictures and communicate, focus them on physical experiences).

But the overall key is that the physical experience has to be beautiful… although if you want, you can substitute the word pleasurable. These Individual Types are all about the enjoyment of physical beauty and pleasure.

So if you are selling to them, then it is more important that you stress how something will make them physically feel… then spinning them a web of intellectual ideas, or technical jargon… that just does not turn them on either.

This Individual Type loves great food, a massage, great sex, a walk in Nature, getting their hands in dirt in the garden, the feel of great clothes.

And they also have a great appreciation for money… because money is a way of buying the physical beauty and experiences which they desire.

But what is most interesting about this Individual Type is their emotional drivers… the positive is Hope, and the negative to be avoided if possible is Hopelessness / Despair.

So you best connect to this Individual Type when you engage their sense of Hope… something to look forward to, something to hope for, something physical to desire which they do not already have.

This is one of the paradoxes about this Individual Type… they very much enjoy pleasure in the moment… but at the same time, are quite prepared to delay gratification into the future… to delay their pleasure… if there is a chance for greater pleasure at some future date… then their longing and desire will be something else which they will savor and enjoy… something else to take pleasure in (this is the kid who enjoys looking forwards to Christmas).

So this is another way to sell to them… not only through physical feeling… or communicating the physical pleasure of your product, the physical enjoyment or beauty… but building up to the fulfillment of some future desire… something to be hoped for and desired… and then finally won.

The tragedy with this Individual Type is that as they age, then the steady decline starts to deprive them of many of the routes through which they can enjoy physical beauty… and all the things that they once could Hope for are steadily taken away from them (… which is why this Individual Type can plunge into despair and depression towards the end of their life if not nurtured in the correct way).

One of the other negative emotional drivers for this Type is Loneliness… and the need for social connection. But the companionship they seek isn’t just spending an afternoon with a friend… deep down it is the need for a close and intimate emotional and physical connection with another human being… and you can trace this deep need all the way back to our primate ancestors, 3 million years ago on the Serengetti planes of Africa, who lived in close, intimate tribes, and therefore linked loneliness with low chances of survival… and social connection with increased chances of survival.

So this Individual Type has a strong need for physical, tangible connections to other people (or possibly to their pets)… for any physical bond with another living creature.


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Type 3

Type 3: Energising the Mind

Now, on the surface, these Individual Types appear to be quite straight-forward… they are looking for mental stimulation, they hate being bored, they are always on the look-out for the next thing to provide them with entertainment… and as a result, they have a reputation of being jack-of-all-trade, masters of none, because they are never around long enough to study anything in any great depth (although they do acquire a large and diverse knowledge base… and they know a lot about a lot). They like skimming the surface, they never stay around long enough to dig deep wells… or obtain that Ph.d.

They are constantly moving from project to project, they constantly want to be entertained, and as a result, often juggle three mental tasks at once as a way of getting a regular and sustainable mental high.

In a sense, the Internet might as well have been designed with them in mind… and they make full use of it. It’s almost as if there is an internal force pushing them onwards, skimming each new article or post… pushing them on to the next website, blog, or account.

However… if you delve a little deeper, then you find that the positive emotional driver for this Individual Type is a quest for Happiness… and the emotional feeling which they are desperately trying to avoid is Unhappiness.

And if you track Happiness / Unhappiness back to it’s original word source in the English language, then it is defined as having a purpose, a direction. a shape / flow in life… and being lucky enough to have found your life-purpose… or something which gives you a sense of purpose and direction in the moment.

So it is the quest for a feeling of Happiness which drives them on… along with the need to avoid the Unhappiness which they feel when they discover that their latest discovery isn’t providing them with the inner fix they feel they need.

It’s a weird set-up with this Individual Type… externally, they appear to be very mind-orientated… and yet in all their searching, it is really a feeling which motivates them… and a feeling which gives their life meaning… Happiness and a sense that your life has a direction.

So this Individual Type is looking for a sense of meaning or purpose in the world of ideas, and they really don’t want to be bored, instead they want to be entranced and captivated by a network of information, a data-pattern, or ideas which they can explore, unwrap, play with… at least for a while…

So if you can offer them that… if you can offer to spin them a web of interesting and fascinating ideas that they can explore, and will provide them with a sense of purpose, a direction, a flow to their life… then you will have them hooked… because they will be happy.

However, the problem with marketing to these Types is that if you are selling them a false promise… then they will pick up on it super-fast… and then you see the other side of their nature… anger… and you really don’t want to upst them, because once you lose them you will never be able to sell to them again… all that mental agility means they are a quick study… so if you want to sell to them repeatedly, ensure your offers are solid / genuine.

And if you are trying to sell them a physical product say, make sure you surround it with a web of interesting ideas, because they will find the ideas just as fascinating as the product itself (maybe even more so).

In fact, whatever you sell them, you connect to them via a web of fascinating ideas which offer them a sense of flow, a sense of mental exploration… of Happiness.


Cancer Gold 200p

Type 4

Type 4: Grounding the Emotions

One way we could describe a Type 4 Individual is as an emotional stomach on legs.

Unlike Type 12, who is looking for Emotional Beauty… a Type 4 is looking for an emotional experience which is filling… which is nourishing and nurturing for them.

If you really want to understand what motivates a Type 4, remember back to a time when you felt… hungry.

Really hungry… starving.

And while you were hungry, how did you feel inside… empty perhaps… and what was the only thing you could you think about… yes, that’s right, food… your thoughts were totally focused on eating, food, filling the emptiness in your stomach… in finding a way to feel full.

Now. remember what it is like taking that first bite after being hungry… the feeling as you swallow, and the food descends into your stomach… remember that feeling of physical contentment which starts to arise… and then that feeling of having eaten your fill?

Well, that gives you a glimpse into the world of a Type 4, only for food substitute the word emotionsfeelingsfeelings which are positive and fulfilling (or full of feeling…)

This is the reason why a Type 4 can be quite manipulative, because they are desperate to avoid that inner emotional emptiness… and so will manipulate other people into providing them with the emotional experience they crave.

So it is no surprise the positive emotion they are looking for is Contentment… and the negative emotion they are trying to desperately avoid is Emotional Emptiness.

The strange thing is that, unlike Type 12, if a Type 4 is desperate enough, they will take whatever emotion they can get… be it anger or fear… because a low emotion is better then the feeling of no emotion… which is why their relationships can sometimes be turbulent… and they may prefer an emotional rollercoaster of a relationship, a continual emotional drama… then one where there is no emotion at all, and they are left with little or no feeling inside.

And they also have a reputation of tying people to them… the Jewish mother syndrome… because they need people in their life to help them to avoid the emotional emptiness within. Once again… a poor emotional relationship, being emotionally controlling and manipulative, is considered to be better then the alternative… that crushing feeling of emotional emptiness.

So how do you market or pitch to a Type 4… simple… in the same way that you would market to a hungry man.

You appeal to their appetite… you appeal to their stomach.

Although in this case, it is an emotional appetite… you are appealing to their emotional stomach.

You need to suggest that your product, or service, or course will make them feel emotionally full… that it will dampen down the emotional cravings… it will cancel out that feeling of emotional emptiness within.

Although, you may be able to pitch them a product or service which helps them move away from the low emotional experiences, the manipulative relationships… and towards the more fulfilling emotions.


Leo Gold 200p

Type 5

Type 5: Self Beauty

I am about to tell you one of the most controversial, and yet true statements you will ever hear.

It is…

You are the most fascinating person who you will ever meet.

Do you feel that this is indeed correct… or are you squirming a little?

Well, for Individual Type 5, there is no squirming… for them, they are indeed the most fascinating person they have ever met… no problem.

These are individuals who love being the centre of attention, who love standing, centre stage, with the spotlight fully on them.

Which identifies why it is sometimes a problem with pitching and marketing to these people, because often we have a problem with being centre stage, we don’t like standing in the spotlight… so we can’t get into their mind-set, and so we dismiss them as being egoistic or narcissistic (which some of them may indeed be).

They love themselves, and so don’t mind presenting themselves to others as loveable… they find themselves as infinitely fascinating, and so present themselves to others as being infinitely fascinating… because they find themselves fascinating they assume that you will as well.

The positive emotion which this Type wants is Love… and the negative emotion they are desperate to avoid is Anger.

They love to be loved… and if you give them your love and attention, then they will respond in kind, they will love you back, focus the spotlight on you.

I once knew someone who was this Type, and he was a super-salesman… could sell anything… honest, he could. And how did he do it? Did he read all the specs of the products he was selling (probably)… did he practice all his sales presentations many times over (probably)? But that wasn’t what made him an irresistible salesmen…  it was that he turned the spotlight of his full attention on you… and when he did that, you felt… incredible… and you would say yes to anything, while he was focused on you (I know, sounds weird… but honest, you had to be there to fully understand the effect). But the irony was… he was also desperate to be loved… and so never allowed himself to be without a female partner, even if it was a poor fit.

But for a Type 5, if we don’t respond as expected, if we don’t love them back, if we don’t find them as fascinating as they find themselves… then they will either respond with anger… or bewilderment… or in the extreme, start to wilt… because they really want others to love them, and when we don’t they take this as a big knock-back.

What do you mean you don’t love me… and you can literally hear the hiss of the air as it escapes the punctured balloon.

So how do you market and pitch to this Individual Type?

OK, to say that you need to love them isn’t probably a viable approach, especially across the Internet… But… you need to make them feel that they are seen, and listen to, and understood, and appreciated… and that you are fully focused on them, that you are interested in them, that they are indeed a most fascinating person.

Or you are offering them a process which will allow them to either better understand themselves, or better appreciate themselves.

Or you are offering them a product which will also allow them to be better seen, appreciated, or understood.

Remember, it is all about them… so you need to make them feel that they are centre stage…. and whatever you are selling has to allow them to better understand or enhance themselves in some way.


Virgo Gold 200p

Type 6

Type 6: Refining the Physical

To understand Type 6 then we really need to start with the negative emotion which they are most desperate to avoid… which is Guilt.

The psychological definition of Guilt is the feeling which you experience when you have done something bad and wrong (not that you are bad person… because that is the definition of Shame… but that you have performed an action which is bad, or been perceived as bad).

And for Type 6, this sense of Guilt is very close to the surface of their consciousness, an unpleasent feeling that just won’t go away… and so they evolve various strategies to avoid it…

But usually the strategies fall into one of two camps… procrastination or perfectionism.

Procrastination… you keep putting off, and putting off… so nothing ever gets finished or completed… if something is never finished then it can never be judged or found wanting… so you never ever have to experience Guilt about something which was bad, because nothing ever gets finished.

That’s how procrastination works for a Type 6.

Perfectionism… the desperate drive for something to be perfect, or for you to be perfect… because if something is perfect then it can never be at fault, you can never be judged as bad, and so you never have to experience Guilt.

And that’s how perfectionism works for a Type 6.

But what are they looking for as a positive emotion? Easy… Self-worth.

Although, to fully understand Self-worth, we need to drill down into a fuller explanation of the word.

Self-worth comes through doing… you step outside your comfort zone, you overcome your fears, you climb that mountain, you achieve your dreams… and you feel brilliant… you have enhanced your Self-worth

But that is a momentary feeling… and, to quote the Ancient Greeks, you can’t rest on your laurels forever… and so if you want to sustain that feeling of Self-worth, after a while you have to look around for a new mountain to climb, a new dream to pursue, stepping out of your comfort zone once again.

The other thing about this Individual Type is that they like to improve things, make things better, enhance and refine things, especially physical situations and processes.

They like to find the faults, because that helps them to fix the faults… but as a result, may not always be easy to be around because they find it all to easy to find fault.

So if this is the internal dynamic for a Type 6, then to market or pitch to them requires you to either:

  • Offer to enhance their Self-worth in some way.
  • Offer to help them overcome their sense of Guilt in some way (although the problem here, they may be so lost that they don’t believe their are worthy of feeling better. Strange but true).
  • Offer to help them master, perfect or refine something.

But the other thing to know about this Individual Type is that they love the details… so whatever you are pitching, you need to have the details of the offer tied down and water-tight… and they will also expect the offer to sound realistic, practical and be achievable. This Type is not prone to flights of fancy… and they are the one Type most likely to read the small print.


Libra Gold 200p

Type 7

Type 7: Mental Beauty & Beautiful Relationships

What does a Type 7 Individual want?

Mental Beauty… and like Type 2, they are fortunate to live in a society, and at a time, where they have access to a great deal of Mental Beauty and from many different places and sources.

But Mental Beauty is not the same as Physical Beauty.

Mental Beauty is a painting, a great novel, a wonderful poem… and also the relationships which we create with other people… relationships which are really spun out of a fine web of words, values and ideas.

Mental Beauty enlivens the mind… excites the brain.., maybe with just a thought or an image… and it may occur between two individuals, across the internet, who never get to meet up in the physical realm.

And also, there is a difference to Type 3… who also want to be mentally stimulated… but they are looking for Happiness and a sense of direction and purpose… and they are continually in a quest to find ideas which will fulfill that.

For a Type 7, the ideas which they are attracted to need to have a sense of harmony and beauty… but they are not in such a continual quest… and they are definitely look for an emotional connection to another person, or at least the feeling of being connected (and trust me… as we shall see in a moment… there is a difference).

But… and here is the most important thing… even more important then the emotional connection perhaps… the relationship has to be in harmony with that individual’s value system… if not, then the relationship will be considered to be mentally ugly… and a Type 7 will find it hard to remain.

It’s not just about emotions… the emotions have be aligned to a high values and ideals.

As we just suggested, this Individual Type wants beauty to be reflected within their relationships, their relationships to be in harmony with their value system… and so will be attracted to anything which allows them to explore and enhance their relationships… and not just with their significant other, but also family members, friends, business relationships… even that perfect stranger that they met on the plane travelling to Chicago, and had a deep and meaningful conversation with… a sharing that lasted 4 hours in total… and who they are likely to never see again. But for a Type 7, that’s OK… it’s the care and attention that they bring to any relationship which is important… not necessarily how long it will last.

Basically, their craft and purpose is relationships.

So the positive emotion that this Individual Type is looking for is an openness, a relaxation, a sharing between themselves and others… and the negative emotion which plagues and undermines them is Regret and Remorse (and also Jealousy to a degree).

Regret is when you keep replaying a scene in your mind, over and over, saying to yourself… “I wish I had done this, I wish I had done that… why was I an idiot…” and Remorse is an even more extreme form of Regret.

Their need for harmony and beauty in their relationships is so extreme that they find it hard to let go of any event where they did wrong, or wrong was done to them… they will go over it, again and again, in their mind… just like a cow chews the cud.

Talking to them now, you may never realise that a part of their mind is elsewhere… going over a past event, even one several decades old, between them and a friend, that could have gone better, which could have been more harmonious… if only they had said or done something different.

It’s almost as if, for a Type 7, that rehearsing the past in their mind, making it more perfect and harmonious will somehow change the past… change the actual event. Although it never does… and the Type 7 never feels mentally satisfied with their re-imagining.

A Type 7 finds it very hard to let go of the past. Their past is being continually replayed in their head… which can put them under a great deal of stress… which is also why they long for something else… relaxation on all levels.

The definition of Jealousy is when I had something, I lost it, I want it back… and then I see someone else with what I want… and I am jealous of them for having what I desire. Once again, we see the connection to relationships.

So when you pitch to this Individual Type… what do you offer them?

Well, you could offer a number of things:

Something which they consider to be Mentally Beautiful (although, remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder… it’s what they consider to be beautiful in their eye that matters… not yours).

You could offer them a way to relax, to let go of the constant mental re-rehearsal, or the continual mental replay.

Or you could pitch your product, course or service as a way to make their relationships better… more beautiful and harmonious.

Because a Type 7 tends to pay attention if you pitch anything which appeals to their need for inner harmony and Mental Beauty.


Scorpio Gold 200p

Type 8

Type 8: Spirit into the Emotions

Of all the Types, Type 8 is perhaps the most difficult to read, because they are secretive by nature.

They have learnt to be… they have to be. Their secretive nature is a form of protection.

Because of all the 12 Types, they are the ones who are the most most emotional and ultra-sensitive.

In fact, their emotions are often like a raw nerve… exposed to the world… and they have little to no control on what they pick up from other people.

Now, you might say that they are empathic, or psychic, or emotionally intuitive… but on some strange level they are plugged into the world around them from an early age… so they are aware of the stuff which adults wouldn’t want to share with kids… the dark and grey areas of life… stuff which normally would (or should) be kept away from the kids.

And that’s if they are raised in a normal, healthy family. God forbid what happens if they grow up in a dysfunctional family, where they are exposed to an extreme and unstable emotional environment.

It’s a bit like putting a 5 year old child on a sailing boat, and charting them a course through a hurricane… after all the fear, tears and tantrums, the child finally retreats within as a way of surviving… and from then on, you are never too sure that they are showing you their true face. They become good at hiding what they are truly feeling.

And these individuals have usually had to deal with confusion from an early age… especially if they are being raised in a dysfunctional family, surrounded by a sea of uncomfortable and raw emotions… which they can feel, even behind closed doors, with voices kept low… but because of their young age, they cannot understand, or mentally comprehend what is occurring… and so they can only process the experience on a basic, childlike level… through fear and anxiety… and the belief that it is probably all their fault.

They have learnt to be secretive from an early age to protect themselves, and as a result they have also learnt to be interested and fascinated in secret things… and they are someone who their friends will feel comfortable to entrust their secrets too.

Although, because of their sensitive nature, their friends will have gone through a long and thorough vetting procedure before they are given the title of friend… and even with close friends, they may not divulge all their secrets (no matter how much they would like to) to their friends.

There is something of the Secret Agent about them… and they often work on a need to know basis… which extends to family as well as friends.

The positive emotions that they want most is Peace and also Tranquility… a feeling where the constant emotion churning stops… and they can relax emotionally… and the negative emotions they are running from arises from the emotional churning, Restlessness and Frustration.

A Type 12 wants an emotionally beautiful experience, a Type 4 would love to have a emotional nourishing and nurturing experience… but a Type 8?

They just want the emotional turbulence to calm down… so that they can experience a sense of inner peace… an internal serenity… they want to hurricane to stop, the winds to stop, and the ocean waters to become calm and un-moving.

So how do you sell and market to a Type 8?

Well, you can try and appeal to their secretive nature, suggesting that your knowledge / product is super-secretive, never before divulged to the world… and for a limited time only.

Or you can suggest that the product or course will give them what they crave… Peace and Tranquility… a way to calm their emotional turbulence… a way to block out the emotional noise from all the people around them.

Or you could try to present your offering in the form of a mystery to be solved, or explored… hinting at different levels which they can access as they go through the course.


Sagittarius Gold 200p

Type 9

Type 9: Grounding the Spirit

As above, so below.

The union of Heaven and Earth.

Both of which kind of sum up Type 9… because there is two sides to this Individual Type… and how you communicate to them, market and sell, is based on how well you can appeal to both sides of their nature.

They are very physical… and at the same time quite spiritual.

They are very earthy… and at the same time quite at home in the mental realm.

So, at their core, what is this person looking for?

Well, they are looking for a philosophy which gives them a meaning for life… a meaning for their life.

See how it works? … A philosophy (the mental / spiritual realm)… to help them make sense of their life (the physical, day-to-day realm).

And this needs to be a philosophy which helps them to hold all the chaos, and uncertainty and anxiety at bay for the duration of their life.

The positive emotion which this Type is looking for is Faith for the Future… a faith which allows them to continue to live their life with a positive mental attitude… a philosophy which provides them with a strong faith and knowing… and the negative emotion which they are trying to hide from, and eliminate, is Worry and Anxiety.

And Anxiety is not like Fear. Fear is a much more physical body reaction… whereas Anxiety hits and undermines our mind… and activates whenever we step beyond the known, the well-worn path, outside the safety of our comfort zone.

For a Type 9, Anxiety is always lurking in the shadows… and so they are always looking for a set of beliefs to help them deal with it.

Because, when you stop to think about it, it’s a wonder that any of us ever get out of bed at all!

We are born on a big rock in space, hurtling around the Sun, which in turn is hurtling around the Galactic core along one of the Great Spiral arms… the only thing between us and the empty void of Outer Space is a thin layer of atmosphere… one stray asteroid (about which there would be little advance warning, and even less mankind could do to stop it) and we would all go the way of the Dinosaurs… and on the surface of the planet, large sections of mankind are either trying to kill each other, or acting in ways which are killing the planet… the only planet we have… and the big multi-nationals are carving up the world economy, with little thought or regard for the little man, and…

When you put it this way…

The only thing standing between any individual and a total anxiety meltdown about the world they live in is a thin layer of beliefs which give their life meaning. These beliefs are the equivalent of the planet’s thin layer of atmosphere… it protects us from the apparent empty Void beyond.

And for a Type 9, the importance of those beliefs is paramount… because they feel the Anxiety more strongly then most, they can sense the Anxiety lurking at the corner of their mind, ready to capture their mind and drag them down into a dark pit of despair.

As a counter-weight, they need something to give their life positive meaning… and according to the Western psychologist Viktor Frankl, all men are really looking for a philosophy which will give their life meaning (and if you know anything about Frankl’s struggles as an incarcerated Jew in the Nazi concentration camps, you will also know that all his ideas were fully put to the test through times of fire, destruction and intense suffering… and yet, he came out the other side having lost all his family, and his life-work to date, in the camps… and yet he was able to re-assemble his life to have new meaning… and later helped many others do the same).

So what is this Type looking for when it comes to someone pitching and selling to them?

Well, whatever course, product or service you are selling to them… they have to perceive it as:

  • Sitting within a larger framework of meaning
  • Helping them to give their life greater meaning
  • Helping them to keep the anxiety and chaos at bay for a little while longer

If you can do that… which initially might be a tough task… if you can convince them… then you will find that Type 9 is quite willing to reach for their wallet / credit card, because their need to find meaning is central to the core of who they are.


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Type 10

Type 10: Energising the Physical

This Individual Type could be classed as your traditional Entrepreneur, people who go out and make a difference in the world, and to the world, people who push through for change in some area of life…

As a consequence, they may make the world a better place for all… or they may create a multi-national company that ruthlessly exploits the natural resources of a 3rd World Company…

… It can literally go either way. Just because you have all the abilities to change the world, doesn’t mean you are automatically born with a social conscience.

The two things which you have to remember… these people are primarily doing it for themselves… and they are focused on the physical, their feel good moments comes about through having created the change, climbed the mountain and won… they are ambitious, and they like other people to see that they have won…

… which is one of their ego-weaknesses, they like to know that other people are watching… they like to know that other people are watching them, from below, scale that high and difficult mountain. They need and want to be seen… unlike Individual Type 1, who is quite happy to climb the mountain for their own personal need, their own personal satisfaction… for Individual Type 10, what is the point of conquering the mountain if no one else ever hears about it?

Often, we associate the Entrepreneur with Richard Branson or Bill Gates, who have climbed their mountain, are sat at the top, and have thought to themselves… What do I do now?… I know… I will use my money and resources for the betterment of mankind!

And this can happen… and we have examples of it happening back in the 19th Century with individuals like Rockafeller.

Which is all very nice and kind… but it is definitely not a true reflection of the mindset that propelled them to the top of their personal mountain in the first place (and they will often then go about their humanitarian crusade with a directness that some charities find unwelcome).

The positive emotion which this person is looking for is a very active kind of Love… and the negative emotion is Rage.

This means they have tremendous energy reserves, and energy to burn (i.e. they have spent 2 hours in the gym before most other people have even got out of bed)… and this energy, if focused correctly can literally move mountains… but you don’t want to be standing in their way on a bad day… because their Rage will literally roast you alive and blow you off the planet.

Often, the worse kind of this Individual Type (ala Getty and Trump) will create their own little empires, where they get to be emperor 24/7, and no other human being is allowed to tell them what to do… and so they get to be as nasty and as angry as they want… because no one else is going to call them out… ever.

Stalin also comes to mind here… the only man who ever had the guts to tell him what he was doing in Russia was cruel and evil… his own uncle… was taken away and shot. The worst expression of these Individual Types do not want to hear the truth… and you will suffer if you try.

Although, the best kind will hear you out, and listen to you… but you need to do it, pitch to them on their terms, if you want to succeed. After all, it’s their game, they own the stadium, the football team… even the cheerleaders are on their payroll… and you need to remember that (always).

The thing about talking to this Individual Type is that they are very goal focused, they are very focused on physical problems and physical solutions, they are very practical, they are very here / now… and so they don’t want to waste time talking about the emotional / mental stuff, even though that may be were the real problem is. For them, all the emotional stuff is completely off their radar… and they often cannot understand why other people don’t think and act like they do. Emotions, and the need for emotional strokes, they may see as weakness in others, which they may choose to exploit for their own ends.

So when you are selling to this Individual Type, you need to keep it focused, practical, problem-solution orientated… and don’t waste time on stuff which they consider to be superfluous… because if you do, they either won’t listen to you, or worse, switch off to what you are selling, and see you as wasting their time.

To be successful, often you need to pitch up to their level… you need to change your communication style to match theirs… because, trust me, there is no way that they are ever going to change theirs to meet you half-way.


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Type 11

Type 11: Refining the Mind

To understand this Individual Type and what makes them tick, you need to first understand that… for them… it’s all about the mind.

They live in their minds… they totally identify with their minds… and so as a result, the realm of the physical and of the emotions is of far less importance to them.

In fact, they could even be said to look down on the emotional and physical realms… and it is true that they tend to see the emotions and physical forms as being imperfect.

For them, perfection is only achievable in the mental realm… the world of ideas.

But unlike Type 7, who are looking for harmony and beauty in the mental realm, Type 11 are looking for ideas which are new, and revolutionary, and which help them to see and understand in a whole different way.

They are like people standing out on a pitch black night, in the middle of a thunder storm, waiting for a single bolt of lightning, which for a brief second, allows them to see more clearly the world around them… to see deeper.

So for a Type 11, it’s not about the idea being beautiful… but the idea being new, and allowing you to see new and see clearly.

These Types are also very black and white in their thinking.

And that doesn’t mean that they cannot think creatively… or think outside the box (trust me, they can… they live outside the box, to them the box is seldom a consideration to their thinking).

No, what that means is that once they have an idea, once they have a vision, they will pursue that vision relentlessly… regardless of the personal consequences for themselves… or for other people.

These Types are all about the perfect expression of an idea… no matter what the cost in personal or individual lives.

The best metaphor to understand this is Adolf Hitler, during the early part of the WW2, in a vast room in Berlin, with his architect Alfred Speer, designing the monumental cities the Nazis would build after the war had been won.

The fact that there where already Eastern European cities in those locations which would need to be demolished first, and their citizens evicted from their own homes… which would entail a huge human cost in misery and suffering… the mass evictions, the transportation of whole populations across Europe to Siberia…

None of that mattered…

Because Hitler’s architectural vision of a perfect Utopia was paramount… and came before any other consideration.

Once a Type 11 has an idea in their head, which they have identified with, they will pursue it to the end, no matter the personal consequences, regardless of whether the idea is good or bad…

So you have Hitler designing his future cities…

Or a Greenpeace activist, in small dinghy, trying to get between the whale and the whale-ship’s harpoon, because they believe totally in their cause of protecting these defenceless creatures from the greed of man.

The cause and vision is different… but the relentless pursuit, and unwavering vision is the same.

Their vision is indeed often black and white, either / or, their way or no way.

And the positive emotion to which a Type 11 aspires… that is Tolerance… and the negative emotion which they most try and avoid… that is Intolerance.

And this dynamic can be expressed in terms of being Tolerant / Intolerant of other people… or Tolerant / Intolerant of their ideas, culture and beliefs. A Type 11 likes to see themselves as Tolerant and open-minded… but sometimes, if you lift the carpet in the room of their mind…

Compared to all the other Types, you are more likely to encounter a Type 11 who is in the grip of their negative emotion… because, unlike Fear or Anger, Intolerance is less obviously destructive to the personality, harder to identify, and so harder to kick the habit.

So how do you market and pitch to a Type 11?

Do you sell them a nice, fancy emotional tale? … Most definitely not.

Emotions don’t turn them on… but ideas do… and if those ideas are new and revolutionary, if it allows them to navigate through life more successfully… to see the world through a brand new set of eyes… even better.

In fact, a Type 11 is the one most likely to buy that new gadget, sign up to that new online service, buy that new book… 2 years before it becomes popular and successful. They seem to have an in-built radar for identifying the next big thing… the next social trend… the next big music band… the next in look… the next big social / political cause.

If you really want to predict the future, hang out with a Type 11.

So you need to pitch your product, service, course in that light… as something which will allow them to be, see, or do differently… especially if it sets them apart from the rest of humanity (but whether Type 11 will agree with you is something which is out of your control).


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Type 12

Type 12: Emotional Beauty

What does a Type 12 Individual want?

Simple… they want Emotional Beauty.

And that is the point where things start getting difficult for them.

You see, we don’t live in a society where it is easy to purchase or acquire Emotional Beauty.

If they wanted Physical Beauty, like Type 2, then you can go out and purchase such an experience (i.e. a good meal, a good massage)… If they wanted Mental Beauty, like Type 7, then they can go out and purchase such an experience (i.e. a good book, a work of art).

But where can you easily find and purchase Emotional Beauty… what shop sells Emotional Beauty?

None… and for Emotional Beauty we are dependent on other people… especially our life-partner, or significant other, whose job is to love us and make us feel good (… or at least, that’s the job description which a Type 12 wrote up and posted online).

But even there, there is a problem… because no person is capable of making us feel good 24/7. They get ill, they get tired, they get moody and irritable… and when they switch off, a Type 12 will feel rejected. Basically, the significant other is not totally dependable to meet their needs.

This is why a Type 12 is likely to dip into fantasy to meet their emotional needs… because in their fantasy / imagination the perfect lover is never tired, or ill, they are attentive 24/7. They can create, in their imagination, a scene to supply whatever emotions they need.

This need for the perfect lover is one of the drives behind romantic fiction… and also behind Sci-Fi… the need to escape into a world which is brighter, more colourful, more emotionally rich then the world the Type 12 lives in.

The emotional coldness and ugliness of normal reality is one of the reasons why Type 12 will escape into their carefully crafted and rich fantasy world. All they need to do is switch on the TV news, to want to immediately escape into their own personal Neverland.

The positive emotion which the Type 12 is striving to achieve is Unconditional Love, Unconditional Joy… and the negative emotion they are desperate to avoid is a crushing Sadness… along with Emotional Ugliness.

And what is Unconditional Love and Unconditional Joy if not an another name for Emotional Beauty?

But when these positive emotions are snatched away from them… then they are immediately plunged into Sadness… which they then try to side-step the only way they know how… by jumping into fantasy.

So how do you market and pitch to a Type 12?

Easy… by giving them what they really want… which is an emotional and fulfilling experience.

This is a Type that wants to hear how your product, service, or course will make them positively feel... how it will emotionally uplift them… how it will make them feel more lovable and loved… how it will create a more emotionally beautiful life for them.

So while you are listing all the functional benefits, don’t forget that for a Type 12, part of them is longing for you to get to the feeling part… and don’t be afraid to appeal to their imagination… create vivid pictures for them… because in reality, that’s the place where they spend most of their day.


How Far Can These Archetypes Take You?

So… the Big Question…

How can apply this information in my own life… and within my own business context?

Well, two ways really…

OK… a couple of years ago, I was having a conversation with a business colleague who was having problems with his manager… and he couldn’t understand why things weren’t working out, because he was trying his hardest to fit in… and be co-operative and supportive etc.

And I said to him…

But there’s your mistake. You are a Type 4, and he’s a Type 10. You spend the first 10 minutes in his office talking about your emotional stuff… while he’s bored, looking at his watch, and he hasn’t a clue what you are talking about, you might as well be talking a different language.

You need to accept that you and he are different types, and he is never going to give you the emotional connection you want (and why should he)… and that you need to change your overall approach to best fit in with him if you want to shift the relationship.

So you need to talk to him about problems, solutions, stuff that will make his life better… you need to be talking about the practical stuff from soon after you have walked through the door.

That way he will get what he wants more quickly… he’ll start to respect you more, because you will be perceived as an ally and an asset… and which, paradoxically, will also make you feel better.

But if you keep putting your needs ahead of his… then things won’t change.

And guess what… he changed his approach to the relationship like I suggested… and their relationship did improve. Just through someone learning to shift their communication style to be more on the wavelength of the other person.

Now, the caveat to this is that, no one human being is ever just a reflection of one single Archetype… every human being is complex, and a mixture of several (although one may be dominant)… and the same is also true for Groups of people. It is rarely as simple as a real-life individual being just a 2-D reflection of one Archetype… real people are complicated.

But… if you take that on-board… and don’t go over the top with it… this 12 Type Model and approach can be offer up a lot of practical solutions / options in how you talk to people, and market to various Groups… modifying your language and pitch to meet their particular mindset and style.

For example:

If you are marketing a Garden centre, or selling planets, which Type gives you the best fit?

Well, a Type 2 loves nature and gardening… and so you could try pitching your marketing approach to fit their mindset… their love of physical beauty… their love of expectation… and if that is a fit then you don’t write a 12 page manual and expect them to read it… you find more direct and sensual ways of communicating your message (i.e. beautiful images and pictures).

Another example…

If you are marketing a counselling service… which Type might give you the best approach to try?

Type 10? … Well, a talk therapy would be completely off their radar, so they would not be a good fit.

But Type 7 seems to be the kind of people who might turn up at your door… and these people like to talk, they are tuned into the idea of mental beauty… and at heart they are looking for a beautiful relationship.

But at the same time, you might be able to work up an approach and pitch for Type 12… and their need for emotional beauty, and why they find relationships so unfulfilling…

Do you see how it might work?

You think about your offer… you think about the 12 Archetypal Mindsets… you consider which one best represents the people who would be most interested in your offer (and there may be more then one)… and you then use the insights contained for that Type to help craft your pitch and offer.

And if you have done your market research (you did do the market research, yes…?), then the 12 Archetypal Mindsets can also help you to make sense of your findings and results…

Basically, that’s how you use and apply this information.

It can provide you with a structural framework… and then once you engage with it… your creative fires can ignite, and you can start to work out the details of how you can market to your chosen group / niche.

And if you find there is more then one potential Type… and you are feeling really clever… then it might be possible to weave both languages into your pitch… (but a pitch that would appeal to all 12 Types at the same time… impossible… never attempt to pitch to more then 2 at any one time… OK, OK… 3 max).

(c) Brian Parsons, March 2016. https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/