The 26 Reasons to Buy


For today, let’s have a dig around in the big dressing-up box of NLP & Sales Psychology… see if there isn’t anything easy we can find to help us….

How about “The 26 Reasons Why People Buy” by Ed Mayer, who was called the Father of Direct Marketing (deceased now), but this can be applied to any sales arena… and you will see the 26 Reasons pop up in various marketing books / websites.

The 26 Reasons are:

1. To make money
2. To save money
3. To save time
4. To avoid effort
5. To get more comfort
6. To achieve greater cleanliness
7. To attain better health
8. To escape physical pain
9. To gain praise
10. To be popular
11. To attract the opposite sex (or in this day also same sex for some)
12. To conserve possessions
13. To increase enjoyment
14. To gratify curiousity
15. To protect family
16. To be in style
17. To have / hold beautiful possessions
18. To satisfy appetite
19. To emulate others
20. To avoid trouble
21. To avoid criticism
22. To be individual
23. To protect reputation
24. To take advantage of opportunities
25. To have safety
26. To make work easier

So according to Ed Mayer, people will only reach for their wallets / cheque books / credit cards if the product ticks at least one of those boxes… maybe a few… so if your selling effort / sales page isn’t aligned with at least one of those then it becomes harder for your potential Customers to mentally justify their purchase of your product (… and remember, a lot of this will be happening on the unconscious level).

OK, let’s do an example to show you how you can use this list for your own products / website (honest, it’s quite simple and straight-forward).

And as a product… I am going to use… the tea infuser that I have been helping someoneĀ out with… and going to choose this similar one which I found on Amazon.

Amazon Tea Infuser

So with a basic knowledge of the product, and how it will be used, what people might like about it, and its benefits… I simply go down the list of 26, and find the ones which do / might apply to this product… which I believe are:

4. To avoid effort (maybe)
7. To attain better health (maybe)
13. To increase enjoyment (definitely)
14. To satisfy appetite (definitely)

Note: 10. To be popular + 19. To emulate others + 22. To be individual might be relevant if there was some kind of social trend around this product… but going to ignore those for now.

So using those 4 reasons, we can then write up 4 simple statements:

a) This tea infuser will help you to make your daily cup of tea quickly and easily
b) Drinking good brands of tea is a healthy way to start your day… and tea is a very relaxing drink
c) This tea infuser is will help you enjoy your favourite drink even more
d) We know you love drinking tea… this product will help you quench your thirst for tea, and satisfy all those tea cravings…

OR something like that… not sure they are the best sales copy in the world, but as examples, they’ll do…

So then it is a simple matter of ensuring that those 4 worked-up reasons are easily and effectively woven into your ads / sales page… and you may even want to prioritise them, so if you are limited for space, the top one comes first (here c + d above a + b)… and this priority will come out of what you discover from your research (although to be honest, usually the priority order stands out quite easily).

But the thing is… all you need is one… all you need to do is give the potential Customer one solid reason to buy your product… clearly made on your ad / sales page…

Word of warning, the reasons you choose must be valid, and if you try to attach a reason to a product that just isn’t there, people will spot it…

“This cheese grater will make you irresistible to the opposite sex!!!”

Just doesn’t work, and will make your product look silly. So the reasons you choose from the list must be solid / valid / real… or else it just doesn’t work.

OK… hopefully makes sense… like I said… this is a traditional piece of sales wisdom, been around, still used today… it is easy to use + apply… and may work well for some folks out there.

Have fun with it

(c) Brian Parsons, July 2016 https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/