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This next Avatar was drawn up for someone whose niche was an alternative anti-aging product like the one via the following link:

Alternative Anti-Aging Product

So a potential Avatar for this product might look like…


Potential Avatar for Alternative Ant-Aging Product:

Women… 55 plus… who are starting to experience the effects of old age on their skin (for some the experience may start at an even earlier age, but for the moment let’s start with 55 years).

They are generally pro-active about their health… they go to the gym, or take dance-exercise classes, to keep themselves active and fit.

They are of an age where any kids have flown the nest and so can focus on themselves, and their needs… and they have sufficient disposable income to buy whatever they want / need… and they would definitely like to hold back the aging process for as long as they can.

BUT ALSO… they are also into new ideas, and trying new things… so if they came across a new beauty therapy which sounded credible, they would be more likely to try it out for themselves, to see if it would work, then hold back out of ultra-caution.

These are people who would go to visit a beauty therapist, and then pop next door to see a complementary therapist… so they want to hold on to their health and looks for as long as possible, and are open to knew ways + means of doing that.

Now, how do we find them… well… I would be searching for women who are following Facebook pages into beauty techniques + ideas BUT ALSO following pages into complementary therapies… to me that is a sign that a) they are more open-minded, and b) they are taking an active role in their own health and well-being.

The key with this product to find women who are into beauty therapy and also open-minded about new products + ideas + approaches.

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