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This third Avatar was drawn up for someone whose niche was mothers / babies, and whose product was a baby sling like the one via the following link:

Baby Slings

This is another of those niches where there is dual buyership and so you need to think about the product from the point of view of the mother and the child… in fact, this is doubly important, because often the mother may put the needs of her baby ahead of her own… and so you need to think through the benefits of the product from the perspective of both.


Potential Avater for Baby Slings:

Avatar = Woman… 25 to 35… mother… obviously…

Now when I see those images, of a mother with a baby in a sling… my male head goes, isn’t that uncomfortable?

BUT that’s SO NOT the point.

These are women who want to keep their child close to them, to their heartbeat, to their warmth, for as long as possible… because as we now know, physical contact for the young baby / child is ultra important, is nurturing on lots of levels… and these are woman who don’t want to separate themselves from their child by putting them in a buggy (i.e. completely different mindset).

This is a mother who is putting the nurturing needs of her child ahead of her own potential physical tiredness, and so these are women who think outside of the conventional… are into the alternative / the complementary… also notice how the wraps themselves on this product look simple and uncomplicated… I think that’s part of the natural feel of this approach.

Now, I am not sure I would go far as to say these women are into natural child birth… but I am pretty sure that these women do their research, online or in books, about the best way to bring their babies into the world in a natural way, and how to raise them in the most supportive, caring and nurturing way possible (and so you should also be able to connect to them via those Facebook routes).

I wouldn’t be surprised if these women are also into complementary therapies… protecting the environment… building a sustainable environment / future for their kids… and for their grand kids as well.

Note 1: Benefit I totally failed to get earlier… this sling helps with breast feeding as well…

Note 2: I am fairly sure that the women associated with this Avatar would be health and safety conscious, and so will want to hear that the baby sling for their precious baby is safe as well.

Now, this is an interesting point… I have seen men use these for their kids as well… but all the advertising on Amazon say is targeted towards women / mothers. So I would assume that a supportive father / partner will use… after the mother has gone online and bought it. So it is probably best if the Avatar used is female… and not male… as this is probably a product which it is less likely that the fathers will go online and purchase.

(c) Brian Parsons, July 2016


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