Use the Avatars Luke!


OK, you know that scene towards the end of Star Wars – A New Hope, where Luke Skywalker is attacking the Death Star, and Obi Wan’s voice mysteriously speaks out of the air… “Use the force Luke…

Well… sometimes… if you listen very carefully… just as you are about to press the button to run the Facebook Ad… you can hear the voice of Steve Clayton, founder of Blueprint Academy, mysteriously in the background… saying…

Use the Avatar Luke…

Remember the Avatar from Week 1 100k Ultra training… ?

Sitting down and creating an Avatar for your perfect Customer for the niche…?

How old would they be, how would they think, behave, what products would they like to buy, what television shows would they like to watch, movies, where would they take their vacations, what hobbies would they be attracted too… etc… etc…?

We still doing that out there?

Because unless you know a niche really, really well… it’s a good idea… if you are being drawn towards a niche where you have little or no knowledge… to build an Avatar… and that is exactly what the large ad / marketing agencies will do…

And when you engage with Facebook targeting… that’s precisely when the Avatar work comes in useful, because it helps you fine tune your targeting… so that your products are delivered to the right kind of potential Customer.

So this is a Step from Weekend 1 Ultra training which some people might find useful to re-visit… and we will peer more into the potential of Avatars in future posts.


The secret to this stuff sits in the right brain… and you need to get out of your left brain to access it… so you could go to Thailand and sit in meditation for 7 years… that might work… OR… kick start the inner-child… get one of those adult coloring books from Amazon… or just a blank white sheet of paper… sit down… ask your sensible Avatar marketing question… and then instead of getting all frustrated because nothing is coming… just start colouring…like a 5 year old would… let go of the need to have an answer… and trust that an answer will emerge while you colour… or a little while later… because you have got yourself into the creative flow… make sense?

That’s one way which works for some… your frustration that an answer isn’t turning up when you want it is what is blocking it from appearing… so you need to find a way to switch off the frustration and give yourself permission to “play”.


If you are being drawn to a niche which you have little direct experience of… but still want to sell there… then creating an Avatar might be challenging for you.

However, do you know anyone who is active in that niche? Can you talk to them? Can you draw the information you need out of their brain over a cup of coffee?

For example, if I wanted to target the car niche, I would interview my cousin Robert, who is a total petrol head…

Sometimes the information we need isn’t to be found online, but in the heads of our friends and family.


And if you don’t know anyone… then there is indeed the internet… and so you may need to emerse yourself in their world… the Facebook pages they like… the online magazines they read…  the YouTube channels they watch… and Goggle Analytics will help you with your quest.

… also, don’t forget the Podcasters, many niches have active and vocal Podcast communities / contributors.

Just something to consider…

More on Avatars to follow.

PS: “And may the Force be with You!

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