Climbing Different Mountains


I thought I would post an interesting thought, which some people might find useful to consider… something I have observed from watching people create & sell eCourses… to be successful they need to climb 3 Mountains:

  • The Mountain of Education
  • The Mountain of Marketing
  • The Mountain of Technology

And it is very rare that any single individual is brilliant in ALL 3 Mountains.

Either they are brilliant with the online technology, but have no idea how to teach… or they have been teaching for years, but have no idea how to market / sell… or they are confident marketing / selling but start out as technophobes, and struggle with software etc.

And that is perfectly natural… because very few people start out as experts in all areas… we have our strengths and our weaknesses, bits we find easy, bits where we definitely struggle and need to step outside our comfort zone.

Selling online isn’t just about mastering technology… there are so many other areas which need to be added to the mix… like marketing… and the two are actually very different mindsets.

My observation is that, whenever you are creating on online offering, in whatever shape, form or niche, there are different Mountains which need to be climbed and conquered, and some you will find easy and some will be new and more of a challenge.

And that’s perfectly OK… and it is not a sign of weakness… it is not a failing… it’s just acknowledging that you are human, and you don’t know it all… no one does.

But the problem is, if the 1st Mountain you climb is the hard one, then you might conclude the whole course / programme will be like that… when in reality the next Mountain along.. for you… will be one you scale easily because it matches your existing skill-set… it’s the Mountain you were born to climb.

For example, I have a friend… a tech-wizard, but real bad at selling, he couldn’t even sell H20 in the Saraha desert… me, the people stuff I find easy… technology I usually have to work harder to find the answer / solution…

… But now that I know that is true for me… I no longer give myself such a bad time, because I realize the Mountain of Technology is the one I find hardest… while the Mountain of Marketing, for me, is easier.

But the funny thing is… I feel more buzz and sense of achievement from scaling the Mountain of Technology then I do from Marketing…

So for anyone struggling out there… thought I would share that, and wherever you at… pat yourself on the back for being here… and congratulate yourself for your efforts to keep climbing ever upwards… cut yourself some slack from just turning up and trying…

(c) Brian Parsons, July 2016 https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/