To be alive right now!


There is a saying by Bill Gates that we’re living in an age when a teenager with a computer in a garage in Moscow, with a bright idea, and the will to succeed, can literally change the world.

The Internet has… and continues… to open doors and fulfill dreams for those who can use it well.

It’s as if we’re living during the age of Gutenberg, when the printing press has just been created, while also living during the Industrial Revolution, while also experiencing that moment when the Wright brother’s weird canvas plane lifted off the ground for the first time… only for a short time, true… but enough to show that man had conquered flight.

I have a business partner, they’re in Australia while I am in the U.K. and we communicate every day as we run our business… just think about that… 100 years ago that would have seemed like a total miracle… a land 3 months travel away is now close at hand with the push of a button on a keyboard.

The writer Kevin Kelly has remarked that a thousand years from now, people look back and wonder what it must have been like to have lived now.

That’s a weird thought… future people, not yet born, may envy us for being alive now?

OK, it often seems that the Big Beasts of the Jungle… Facebook, Amazon, Goggle… have things all tied up… and they certainly try to buy up the young teenagers with the bright ideas before they become a threat… but still, no monolith can tie down everything… there will be teenagers who decide not to sell out, to continue with their beloved baby and keep going… who will change things… there always are.

And the internet + social media is so big, and wide, and deep… that there seems to always be a crack or three to get your message out there… to promote your products and services.

But the thing is… I bet many of the guys who helped create / shape modern marketing back in New York during the 1950s and 60s would love to be alive right now… no, I bet they would kill to be alive right now.

Because like I said Facebook and social media have opened up opportunities which back then they could not have ever dream of… new ways to reach out to people.

So to be practical for a moment… if you are serious about going forwards with your internet dream… then leverage the power of social media… this new and evolving world of social connections spanning the planet.

If there is a niche which you would like to focus on… are there people online who blog in that niche… do they have an annual 10 top products of the year post… is there FB groups connected to that niche, where people talk about their problems / interests, and could be a source of potential product ideas?

So if you want to make things work in the medium / long-term then, like a social media spider… you need to spin a web, create connections / join relevant groups (and you don’t need to post say, just track)… and then sit in the centre of this social media web… and keep track / feel for ideas which could feed into your own process / niche funnel…

So remember “Even the smallest person can change the world… which is a most encouraging thought“… (Gandalf the Grey)

(c) Brian Parsons, July 2016 https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/