The Domino Diagram


I liken the process of selling online, via a website or Shopify site, to a game of Dominos.

You flick the first one over, then if you want all the other ones to fall over in sequence then a) they must all be in a line, and b) the distance between them must be close enough for one to touch the other…

Similarly, to get Customers from initially seeing your offer to their finally pressing the buy button… is similarly like Dominos falling over… Product > Niche > Price > FB Ad > Website > Sales Page > SALE !!!

Now, the good news if you are getting people to your shop site then the Ad must be working… but if you are not getting further engagement, all the way through to sales / conversion… then something isn’t aligned / connected up… and likely areas to look at:

  1. Are you targeting the right niche for that product, the people who would really want it, aside from those who are just curious
  2. Price is always a killer, you must be seen as being a good bargain, people may quickly skim, and then click out if they see info that doesn’t confirm that
  3. Compare your sales blurb with the sales blurb for same / similar on Amazon… is there anything which they are saying which is missing? If you are not including something in your test, which they would expect, you might get marked down for that
  4. 100k ULTRA: And I am sure this doesn’t relate to you… but keep finding people using the same 3 images which came with website install…. and they are very nice, but they don’t say SHOP… and if there is something that looks weird / out-of-place… then people will click away… A shop does need to look like a shop.

So to pick up on my Domino metaphor earlier… they are all important… and they all need to be right / aligned to ensure that your Customers are carried along the chain,

For some people it is pricing which is misaligned, for some it is audience targeting… but a key indicator… if your niche targeting + FB ad is out, then you don’t tend to see the numbers clicking into your website… if the traffic is there, but not engaging, the problem lies elsewhere… are you seeing traffic coming to your website?

So… been creative… took that Domino analogy… put in some key learnings about what might be preventing the flow of sales… and come up with the this infographic.

Ultra Domino Analogy V1

Domino Internet Selling Analogy


Basically, thought some people might prefer to process the information / learning in a more visual way… because sometimes you get so focused on one area that you don’t see that the reason why you are not connecting with sales is actually in another area entirely… and so showing this in visual format may help us to stand back and see the BIG PICTURE… so enjoy…

Actually… looking at it… yep… the Sales Page + FB Ad should be the other way around in the sequence… so just reverse them in your mind… although to be honest, order doesn’t really matter… it’s that you have “all the bases covered” which is the all important thing (notice I used a baseball analogy there… because our target market is United States).

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