Brian Parsons – Creator of Audio Essences:
Brian was drawn to his spiritual path from early childhood, enjoying his first experience of real meditation at the age of nine, and since then he has explored a number of different meditation and personal development systems. When teaching, he is therefore able to draw upon a wide and diverse knowledge base to help his students achieve their true potential.Brian Glastonbury 500p x 500p

He has extensive experience as an energy worker, and is a trained crystal therapist with the Institute of Crystal & Gem Therapistsin the U.K. He is currently an I.C.G.T. Fellow, as well as one of their tutors and internal course moderators. He is qualified in Health Kinesiology, and over the years has studied a range of different therapies and energy systems.

Brian awakened his own light body, using the techniques created by Sanaya Roman andDuane Packer and their guides Orin andDaben, in the early 1990s, and has completed many of their graduate courses to develop and enhance his skills since then. To date, he has completed the LuminEssence courses which allow him to teach the following:Awakening Your Light Body, Radiance (Self-Exciting and Filling in the Frequencies), and Light Body Consciousness. He is one of the few people in the U.K. authorised by LuminEssence Productions to teach other light body teachers.

Since the early 2000s, Brian has been developing his own series of Light Body Graduate courses, along with Energy Astrology, a personal development course unique to Samarpan Alchemy, and which allows an individual to directly experience the energies of their natal chart.

He is deeply committed to providing students with a path of humour, commitment, integrity and trust. In return, he hopes to attract students who are prepared to make a strong and serious commitment to their own personal growth.

Brian also has a number of formal qualifications in both business and teacher training, and so is able draw upon a wide range of experience in the ‘external’ world to help fuel his teaching and therapy practice. His formal qualifications include a B.A. (Hons), an M.A., an M.B.A (International), and a Diploma in Teaching and Lifelong Studies.

Here is what one of his former students has written about Brian:

Brian Parsons is quite genuinely one of the most inspired and inspiring teachers I have come across! As a student I found myself hanging on to his every word because each word was important, no word was wasted, each informed, encouraged and inspired. His thoroughness in preparation meant that each session was packed with information and totally supported with excellent paperwork. Brian teaches so that you understand, every piece of information is digestible, meaningful and if you don’t understand the first time he will patiently explain until you do. His enthusiasm raises the vibration of the group so that wonderful and unexpected openings occur.

Christine May

Brian can be contacted through his website He currently lives in Devon, United Kingdom.

During one rainy day in February 2012, while walking across the carpark of a shopping centre in Exeter, Brian was suddenly struck on the head with the idea for Audio Essences… and soon realised that the process did indeed work.

He spent the next couple of years developing and perfecting the process… and eventually came to the realisation that it would be impossible for one individual to explore and fulfill all the possibilities inherent within Audio Essences… and so decided to include other personal and spiritual development teachers who could help to achieve its full potential.

Currently, the only other teachers authorised to create their own range of Audio Essence products and eCourses are:

Laing Stokes – Australia:

Laing Stokes is an energy healer and lightworker whose mission and purpose is to be an active part of co-creating a new Earth paradigm through the awakening of Soul purpose on Earth. Laing is now a dedicated leader of the new business paradigm, a movement that assists to empower individuals to awaken their Soul’s journey and live a life of creativity and purpose. This movement is cooperative in nature, weaving through the old story of “business as usual” like a fresh breath of air.

Laing Photo A 500p x 500p

Working under the umbrella of energy work, self-development and spiritual healing, Laing has spent many years studying elements of the global shift, how it impacts on the individual, and how we can best manifest our lives in relation to new paradigm science.

In 2011, Laing finished his Diploma of Holistic Counselling – an anthroposophical, body based counselling system developed byDr. Patricia Sherwood – before he began his exploration into energy work and embarked on his own spiritual journey. Before the end of 2013, Laing had completed teachers qualifications in Thetahealing, and started co-teaching many classes throughout 2014. He spent two years running a small business and teaching energy healing before realising that this was not the final step in his life and Soul purpose.

After many months of self exploration, healing and meditation, Laing eventually founded his own organisation called Spiritual Business Design. His aim is now to help people leave the stresses of traditional work and business and to enter into their own unique life path of purpose, to creatively engage with their inner yearning for freedom and expression in life.

Laing now offers a broad range of personalised and tailored services, the most notable being a 3-month intensive journey to establish Soul Purpose in a way that enhances your spiritual gifts and gets you paid. Laing uses a comprehensive holistic approach including energy healing and activations, practical teachings and strength-based activities. If you are interested in learning more about how Laing can help you personally, please visit

Within Audio Essences, Laing is developing products and eCourses which focus on helping people find and follow their Life-Purpose, the Chakra system, and supporting people in developing their Heart-centered Business.

Laing also offers online Skype counselling sessions to those people in need of more personalised help. Here is what Brian Parsons wrote about his first Skype with Laing:

Wow, that online session was amazing! Laing’s insight, clarity and support was spot on. He couldn’t do what he does so well if he wasn’t the real thing, and he hadn’t also successfully integrated his own life-lessons to a high-degree. This makes him an excellent guide for anyone trying to walk their own life-path. I recommend Laing Stokes most highly… and this is one of the reasons why I have entrusted part of the Audio Essence portfolio into his most capable hands.

Brian Parsons

Laing’s current rate is US $97 per hour, and to book an online session he can be contacted via