About Audio Essences


What is an Audio Essence?

Well, one way of describing an Audio Essence is that it’s a way of transmitting a specific feeling state over the internet.

Yes, I did say feeling… not words, or pictures, or information, or sound… but feelings.

blue sound waves oscillating on black background

Blue Sound Waves

OK, these feelings are embedded into MP3 sound files, which are then embedded into videos, which are then uploaded on to the internet… but all that is the carrier mechanism… the essence of what is being carried through the digital form is a specific feeling or vibration.

And the great thing about Audio Essences is that we don’t really need to convince you, or spin a fancy sales tale… All we need to do is ask you to click the play button… listen to the 3 minute vocal set-up, or fast forwards through to the 10 minute Audio Essence… then sit down where you won’t be disturbed, close your eyes, tune into the music, and feel and experience what happens next.

The Audio Essence is embedded into the music itself… and there are no binaural beats or subliminal messages involved… Audio Essences use a completely different kind of vibrational technology… so as you listen to the music, just allow the Audio Essence to carry your experience in and for that moment.

Either it will work for you, or it won’t… either you will be one of the 90% of people who get it, or you won’t.

That’s the beauty of an Audio Essence. All we need to do is ask you to be open-minded, initially listen at a time when you won’t be too disturbed and so can devote some time to it, press the button, and devote a quarter of an hour of your life… no more then that… to discover if there is something out there which can make your life feel better.

And if you find that these Audio Essences do indeed work for you… then you can come back to this webpage time and time again… because it is not going anywhere!

We’re not going to offer the hint of something amazing, and then snatch it away again just after you have made the discovery.

No, this webpage will remain online for the foreseeable future.

But how are Audio Essences created?